Basic Living Costs in Thailand
by Ron Chester ★ Friday, September 20, 2019

Back in August in my Recent News posting, I posted a link to an article that said the Thai Baht has been strong against the US Dollar. This got me wondering whether we would still see the ridiculous low prices for housing and food in Thailand when we travel there next.  

Well today I read a very recent update on that topic. It is written by a young expat from the US, living in Chiang Mai, which is the biggest city in the North, the 2nd largest city in all of Thailand. Chiang Mai is at best about a 1-1/2 hour drive from Supattra's family home, including a lovely winding road through the jungle and steep mountainsides. It can become a two hour drive when traffic is bad. I don't think there is any big difference in the cost of the basics in Chiang Mai, as compared to other places we will visit in Thailand. So I think this article should give us a very good idea of what food and housing is likely to cost us during our trip.  

Read it here. I hope you enjoy it.  

The highway sign image is from Wikipedia.